Wednesday, 18 September 2013

If i Can Turn Back The Time :')

"There have been times, lately, when I dearly wished that I could change the past. Well, I can't, but I can change the present, so that when it becomes the past it will turn out to be a past worth having." -Terry Pratchett, I Shall Wear Midnight

If I could back to the past, I would to go back for the first time I been born on 23rd January 1990. I have many reasons to explain my choice. First, I wish to come back my childhood to remember my happy and impartial time. After many competition in school, university and now, society I realize that childhood is the most beautiful time and place. I want to forget all stressfulness, competition and response in life. And only childhood give us peaceful, it reminds us your games with friends, our parents' sacrifice to give us the best things, our funny and impartial dreams about future job such as: sometimes i wanted to be a rock star, famous actress, doctor, teacher... It is worthwhile to have chance to remember the most beautiful time in whole life.

Another reason is that, I want to fix my faults in the past. It is common knowledge that most of us made some bad things in childhood and this chance help us fix them. I have never forgot one story in my childhood. If I could turn back time I would fix my biggest fault in my childhood and say that:" I love mom".
Going back time is an unreal dream but we have rights to imagine and wish. If I can stop the time and fly through time, I would go back my childhood to have peaceful time, to fix some faults those make my love ones sad. I want my parent proud of me :) because I loves them.

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