Monday, 25 March 2013

Lets Pictures Telling You The Story ^^

This is about our trip to Malacca.. 2 days 1 night. It's not only holiday, we also doing interview session regarding Chetti Community at Malacca.. We having a lots of fun & happy memories.. Hope you like it :D

Malacca is HOTTTT!! keeping the smile only coconut shake, klebang!! 

LUNCH!! asam pedas Malacca.. Superb!

It's candid yOo!

Interview Session ( Kampung Chetti ) thanks Mr Nada :)

Doa.. May Allah always protecting us.. AMIN~~~

Taming Sari :D

Coconut Shake Klebang.. Best in Town!

Using the Old Iron as a Telephone?? :D haha
11 of us!! 1 missing cz she's the one snapped this pic! thanks Ister :) 


Waiting Taming Sari .. yeeehaaa Really HOT this time :(

Beach! Yeeaaahaaa

Proud to be Malaysian :D

Breakfast 2nd days

See the horse? It's scared you know

Actress! haha

Tell me maybe?? :)

Ship On the Land 

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